Chicago White Sox: Should we worry about injuries to Garrett Crochet?

(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox are lucky enough to have drafted a wildly talented pitcher in Garrett Crochet but are injuries a concern for him?

It is fair to say that the Chicago White Sox have a lot of faith in Garrett Crochet. They took him with the eleventh overall pick in the 2020 MLB Draft so of course, they do. He is a left-handed flamethrower out of the University of Tennessee. He is a guy that the White Sox are hoping will be a part of their rotation one day as a part of the sweet options they already have in the fold.

Well, one of the key issues on Crochet is a little bit of an injury worry. He has some seriously crazy mechanics that help his pure stuff be so lethal. A lot of his comparables to Chris Sale are legit and they are so obvious when you compare some highlights. There was a concern for injury for Sale when he was drafted as well but up until this 2020 year, he has stayed pretty healthy. There were a few small injuries here and there but that happens to everyone.

The good news is that until the 2019 summer, the White Sox have done a really nice job with keeping their pitchers healthy. That is one of the biggest keys for the White Sox winning a lot of baseball games in the near future. As recent editions of the MLB Postseason has shown, pitching is still king and the White Sox know it. Even when you look back at that 2005 World Series Championship, the White Sox had better pitching than everyone.

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Garrett Crochet has the stuff to be an impressive pitcher for a very long time and he could even arrive as soon as next year. His ceiling is a very good starter of course but even if he became a dominant reliever like say, Andrew Miller, it would really help the White Sox. The biggest key in his development right now is reps and staying healthy. We are lucky to have him in this organization.