Chicago White Sox: Time to unleash Michael Kopech

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox are going to play baseball so it is time for them to unleash the talent of Michael Kopech. He is ready to make an impact in the MLB.

The Chicago White Sox are going to be a good baseball team. People like to ignore them and make fun of them for different reasons but those people are about to have a bad time. One reason that is an easy prediction to make is the fact that Michael Kopech is back. He is going to be revealed to the league once again and that is bad news for everyone else.

Of course, Kopech has a lot of work to do before he becomes a regularly dominant pitcher like say, Lucas Giolito. He has all of the tools for that to be his future, however. He has a fastball that can break 100 miles per hour if he wants to unleash it. The cool thing about that pitch is the fact that it is hardly a straight pitch. The fastball movement that Kopech can bring is incredible and should be able to confuse Major League hitters for a long time.

The White Sox might be a little careful with him in 2020 based on the circumstances for a few reasons. One reason, and probably the main reason, is that he is returning from a very long absence. He needed Tommy John at the end of 2018 and that shut him down for that September and all of 2019. Then the COVID-19 shut him down again for most of 2020 so getting some games in here should be good for him.

The next reason they might be careful with him is that there is no rush. This is a sprint season and the White Sox have a lot of guys capable of making starts. It might be smart to get Kopech out there against the Tigers and Royals as much as they can so he can start to feel good about his game at the big league level.

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No matter how they do it, White Sox fans should be excited to see him unleashed. Hey, even if they tell him he can make a start once every five games like normal, it would be a win. This kid is really good and his stuff is magnificent. It is so important to get him feeling good about his game and 2020 is the perfect opportunity to get him there.