Chicago White Sox: Five most likely playoff opponents

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The Chicago White Sox are going to the playoffs. The question is, who will they play?

After losing to the Cleveland Indians on Monday night, the Chicago White Sox fell to 34-20. They still have the second-best record in the American League and a 1.5 lead in the AL Central Division. They have already clinched a spot in the 2020 postseason which is going to be their first playoff appearance in 12 years. We might not know who they are playing in the first round for a couple of more days as they still have a lot to sort out over the last week of the season.

There are a few options for them in the first round. It is going to be the best of three so there are a few teams that they probably match up better against in a short series but you never know when it is that short. You can safely assume that they aren’t going to play against the Oakland Athletics or Tampa Bay Rays in the first round because they are most likely going to be the other two division winners.

If the White Sox win their division, the A’s and Rays are out as opponents in the first round. Even if the Minnesota Twins come back and win the division, the White Sox won’t be down far enough to match up with Oakland or Tampa Bay.

You never want to “pick your opponent” because every team that makes the playoffs is there for a reason. With that said, the White Sox certainly have a better chance of getting off to a good start against some teams more than others. These are the five teams they are most likely to play in the first round: