Chicago White Sox: Five most likely playoff opponents

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Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays are one of the fun surprise teams that have come out of this weird 2020 season. When they aren’t playing against your team, they are one of the more fun teams to watch in all of baseball. They have so much youthful energy and talent that might go a long way one day. They are sort of a diet version of the White Sox in a lot of ways. Lots of young prospects have started to all come up at the same time.

Well, if the White Sox played them in the first round, it would be one of the more hyped series across baseball. The Blue Jays had some playoff success in the mid-2010s but other than that they really haven’t been in the playoffs like some of the other teams. The same can be said about the White Sox except their playoff drought is even longer.

The White Sox, with all due respect to the Blue Jays, would probably be favored in a series against them. They are deeper in every facet of the game and their records show it. The Blue Jays deserve respect for what they have done this year but it seems like they have a little bit longer to go in their rebuild before they are on the White Sox level. With that said, if the White Sox did match up against them and take them lightly they would get destroyed. They deserve respect but this would certainly be a fun series to watch.