Chicago White Sox: Three changes to make two weeks into 2021

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Chicago White Sox, Andrew Vaughn
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We are a couple of weeks into the season now for the Chicago White Sox. There have been some injuries and inconsistent play but they still find themselves waking up on Friday with a 6-7 record. They need to put together a few wins to get above .500 and stay there and it feels like that is close.

The White Sox are a good team on paper that just needs to become a more consistent ballclub. There might be some changes to make that will allow that to happen. These are three changes to make as we move forward:

1. Andrew Vaughn needs to be playing in every game for the Chicago White Sox.

Andrew Vaughn is the team’s number one prospect. He is one of the top prospects in the entire game of baseball right now. Most scouts saw him as the best power hitter in his draft which is the reason why the White Sox went for him. He is with the big club now so it is only smart to get him playing as much as possible.

Vaughn is one of the team’s “best nine” so he should be playing every single day. Of course, there are going to be off days but Vaughn should only get one of those every so often. The only way for him to break the rookie wall is to continue getting reps. His average is low but gets on base at a really good clip.

Having him in the lineup helps the team in more ways than one. The first is that he is better than most other options that would play over him. The second is that if the better player is playing, the team will have a better chance to win.