Chicago White Sox: 3 incredible trade packages for Joey Gallo

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Chicago White Sox, Jonathan Stiever
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The Texas Rangers might be into two studs that have a high ceiling but a low floor.

The Chicago White Sox could really use Joey Gallo right now. He would improve their outfield in the short term and could even help them over the next year or so depending on how things shake out. That is why giving up Jonathan Stiever and Jake Burger for him would be a good idea. They are both really good prospects but there is a good reason to believe that neither has a long-term future with the White Sox.

For Jonathan Stiever, it is hard to see him ever cracking the White Sox rotation long term. There are so many good arms that aren’t even in the rotation right now. There are some savvy veterans but we all expect Lucas Giolito, Dylan Cease, Michael Kopech, Garrett Crochet, and Jared Kelley to be in the mix for a while. Jonathan Stiever is the odd man out on a list like that. However, the Texas Rangers need as many young arms to try and develop as possible.

The same can be said about Jake Burger. He is naturally a third baseman which is going to be Yoan Moncada’s job for a long time. The White Sox should call up Burger to see what they have in him soon but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be included in a trade like this.