Chicago White Sox: 3 incredible trade packages for Joey Gallo

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Chicago White Sox, Gavin Sheets
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The Chicago White Sox might need to give up a good player to land Joey Gallo.

Joey Gallo is a great player. He has a big-time power bat and plays big-time defense in the outfield. If he is truly available, the White Sox absolutely need to consider him as an option. Giving up players like Gavin Sheets and Jimmy Lambert is never easy but sometimes that is the name of the game when you are a contender. Drafting, signing, and developing is key to sustained success once you are elite at the MLB level.

Gavin Sheets might be the hottest prospect in the White Sox organization right now. He is dominating in the short sample size that is the 2021 Charlotte Knights season. He is a candidate to be the team’s next call-up from the minors. If they decide to cut bait with Jake Lamb or have an injury, Sheets should be the next man up based on the numbers so far.

Jimmy Lambert is another right-handed pitcher that the White Sox might not have room for. There is no guarantee that he will become a contributor one day but he could. The Rangers are in a rebuild right now so taking a bunch of players like that would be wise. We have seen the White Sox go through that “taking a chance” sage and hit on guys like Yermin Mercedes and Danny Mendick. The Rangers could do damage if they also have that mindset.