White Sox: Lucas Giolito’s comments prove there is disconnect

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By now, you have heard the story about Chicago White Sox stud Yermin Mercedes and his home run off a position player with a 3-0 count in a blowout. Of course, the “baseball purists” are upset about it because they hate fun. It was even worse when Tony La Russa threw Mercedes under the bus by calling him out publically. Not only did he call him out, but he also referred to him as “clueless”.

It got even worse when he told the media that he didn’t have a problem with the Twins throwing at him. This guy is clearly not what the team needs in the year 2021. They are an elite squad with pitching as good as any team in the league so winning regular-season games won’t be a problem but how far can it go?

Lucas Giolito’s comments after Wednesday’s game say it all about the disconnect.

When you are a good leader and an elite player, your opinion carries a bit of weight. Lucas Giolito is one of those players. He wasn’t available for comment after Tuesday’s game but he pitched in Wednesday’s match so naturally, he was available. Giolito had his best outing of the season but he had to talk about this which is enough of a problem on its own.

Lucas is as good of a teammate as there is in the league. His comments to the media tell everything you need to know about his opinion. After reading or hearing what he said, you can tell that there is clearly a disconnect between the team and the players.

Lucas Giolitto saying that they support Yermin is exactly what you want to hear. The disconnect comes from him saying that “we love home runs here”. That implies that he is okay with what Yermin did and that is a good thing. It also shows complete disagreement with everything La Russa said to start this mess.

Lucas Giolito isn’t the only one to make comments either. Both Mercedes and Tim Anderson took to Instagram to make their feelings known and Lance Lynn’s comments after the last game tell you his opinion.

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This is something that needs to get fixed now. It doesn’t seem like La Russa could do anything to get fired but upper management needs to clear this up. This team is good enough to make a deep run but they can’t be having the “unwritten rules” keep them from doing that. The fact that this is a topic of conversation right now is a joke. Hopefully, they continue to keep winning as they did on Wednesday despite their out-of-touch manager trying to ruin it.