Chicago White Sox: Sunday is where 1 specific player is a luxury

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(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox are going to have somewhat of a doubleheader on Sunday. It isn’t your typical doubleheader where they play two games from the start but it is close. On Saturday, their game was suspended due to weather in the middle of the third inning. The White Sox are going to start the game batting in the bottom of the third inning. After that, they have to figure out what to do with their pitching.

Lance Lynn had given up no hits up that point but there is no way he is pitching. We will see him again in five days against a brand new opponent. This is going to become a bullpen game for both sides in game one. This is a spot where Michael Kopech would be nice to have in your back pocket. He is very close to returning from injury but is not quite ready yet.

Hopefully, the Chicago White Sox gets Michael Kopech back sooner than later.

Kopech threw a sim game on Friday and has been in attendance at each of the last two games. He is going to sim another game tomorrow. After that, they will decide if an AAA rehab stint will be necessary or not. If it is, it won’t take long for him to be called back up. If it’s not, he could be back in the bullpen by next weekend.

If he were available, he would be for sure coming in the game to relieve lance Lynn in this game. He may even be able to go three or four innings depending on what Tony La Russa sees from him on any given day. His ERA is under two so you know that he has been dominant so far this season. He will be back soon enough. It is fun to think about but the most important thing right now is him coming back at 100 percent.

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As for the second game, Dallas Keuchel is going to be the starter for a seven-inning contest. It would be nice to see him go out there and make a big start so they don’t have to use the bullpen a lot in that game. We already know the bullpen will be used heavily in the first game so the second game could use some help from Dallas. Regardless of what happens, it is pretty clear that Michael Kopech is deeply missed by this team right now. If he can get back soon, the sky is the limit.