Chicago White Sox: It would be nice to see this player go on a run

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

If you watched the Chicago White Sox play the Seattle Mariners in the second game of the doubleheader this past Sunday, you might have seen something that you were waiting to see for weeks. You would have seen Yermin Mercedes reignite the fire that once consumed him and the team back in April. This fire helped propel the Sox to a big win.

The Chicago White Sox needs Yermin Mercedes to get hot again to help them win.

Is it a sign that things are back on track? When Mercedes was hot at the start of the season, the White Sox were hot as well. They were winning games and winning them with conviction. Mercedes was belting out big home runs and inspiring the rest of the team to do better.

He was getting the White Sox fan base excited and baseball fans all across the country knew who he was. However, it’s more than popularity that drives this team when Mercedes is hot. It’s his bat that does the trick. His offense alone can inspire this team to play better.

Mercedes’ numbers have taken a hit since he started out in April. In that month, he was leading the league in batting average for a while but his numbers declined. Right now, his slash line reads .273/.326/.408. He has been to the plate 258 times and has contributed seven home runs to the cause so far.

He can and will do more. Batters tend to get into periods where they don’t hit the ball well or don’t hit it at all. This is called a slump and this was something that Mercedes was in during the month of June. His lack of offense and the lack of offense overall is what hurt this team. Now, if Mercedes can pick up his play and get his bat going, the rest of the team will follow suit and get back to their winning ways.

One player can make a difference on any team. One player can help inspire others to play better and one player can do everything he can to win a game. It looks like Mercedes is trying as hard as possible to get wins for the Sox. Now that he has seemingly started to come out of his slump (yes, it’s too early to tell if he has totally come out of it yet), he should be able to help lead this team to a better month in July than they had in June.

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If he can step up and play better, the White Sox will get back on track and win a lot more games. If he continues to slump then the team might think about having to replace him in the lineup and get a player whose bat is going to produce more than he is. Don’t worry, Mercedes will pick it up, get back on track, and be hitting, once again, in no time.