Chicago White Sox: What to expect at the 2021 MLB Draft

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(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The 2021 Major League Baseball Amateur Draft has finally arrived and the excitement for this event is in the air. After the next few days, the hopes and dreams of many young men will either be fulfilled or dashed. We can only hope that they find the draft to be a positive experience. We also hope that our beloved Chicago White Sox will do the right thing in this draft and draft the most talented players available for the needs that they have.

The Chicago White Sox are going to make the 22nd overall pick at the 2021 MLB Draft.

This draft is going to be especially important for the White Sox because it will allow them to be a force for the future and be a perennial contender year in and year out. We have covered some of the positions that the Sox have a need for and a few players that they might have some interest in. It’s still apparent that catcher and shortstop are a couple of positions that the White Sox must look at in this draft. There is some good talent available within the top 150 of the draft so they can grab some players and get the help that they need.

The White Sox have their first pick at number 22. They can do a lot with that pick and they need to in order to help bolster their organization. We talked, in past articles, about the possibilities at that spot. Matheu Nelson, a catcher from Florida State, would be a great pick for them. A couple of other possibilities at the catcher position include Williamsville East’s (NY) Joe Mack and Adrian Del Castillo from Miami.

At shortstop, there is some decent talent that should be available when the Sox make their pick. There are guys like Thousand Oaks (CA) Max Muncy, North Oconee (GA)’s Bubba Chandler, and Eastern Illinois Trey Sweeny. Chandler is a particularly interesting prospect because he could be a pitcher. He is also one of the better athletes in this draft.

We could also be pretty surprised at what the White Sox do with their first-round pick. There are several different ways that they could go but they need to go in the direction of need perhaps more than the best player available.

The Sox have done a rather good job of stacking the minors with great players that they can call up to help with injuries. Just look at what they have been able to do with Jake Burger and Gavin Sheets.

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They have been able to call these guys up and they have been able to shine. They need more players like this to get their team stocked for the future and continue to complete. It’s exciting to think of what the Sox will do tonight. Which way will they go? What will they do? We are just hours away from seeing what happens.