White Sox: Don’t be surprised if they’re quiet before trade deadline

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

We often connect teams that make trades to teams that are thinking about their future. We attach success to those teams even if, in the end, they have no success because of the trade. You don’t have to be heavily involved in the draft to have success and the Chicago White Sox has proven that. There are other ways that you can build and still be a winner.

The White Sox have suffered several injuries to their starters this season. Big names like Luis Robert, Nick Madrigal, and Eloy Jimenez among others have all taken a hit due to injuries. We all thought that the White Sox as a team would be hurt bad by these injuries. We as fans were just about ready to declare the season over.

Through past exchanges and the draft, the White Sox have managed to put a lot of depth on the baseball field this season. This depth just didn’t fill in for the starters. The players that stepped in shined at particular points in the season. Guys like Danny Mendick, Billy Hamilton, and others have come in and helped keep this team on a winning track.

The depth and the talent that Chicago has both on the field now and in their Minor League system is outstanding. There is not much need to worry about there. The players that were previously injured are on their way back to the lineup. There are going to have to be some hard decisions made as to who plays, who doesn’t, and who gets sent back down to the minors.

The Chicago White Sox are as good as any team in the league with what they have.

This is actually a good problem to have. You can never have too much talent. That’s why, with this overabundance of talent available, the White Sox won’t be making any trades this year. Sure, people might say that the Sox need a second baseman and maybe that’s true but quite honestly, they have been getting along fine with the talent they have there. There isn’t a big need to get rid of talent that’s already developed and on the team in order to bolster that position.

Chicago needs to stick with the players that they have. They have done a great job of putting together what they have and it’s certainly not stopping them from winning. Why mess with what works?

Because everything is working so well, I think that the White Sox will let the trade deadline pass quietly by without making a move and continue on with the players they have. They don’t need to make any additions by sacrificing the fine talent that they already have. They can move forward effectively with all the players that they currently have. With who they have now, the White Sox are poised to get to and win the World Series.

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