Chicago White Sox: 1 underrated player would be great via trade

(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

With the trade deadline rapidly approaching, I think the Chicago White Sox will look back in regret after the playoffs if they choose to stand pat. With Eloy Jimenez returning to DH, the Sox greatest positions of need are second base and right field. While Leury Garcia has been average at the position, the White Sox could use an impact bat that will help them once they face teams with dominant pitching in the playoffs.

Despite missing out on Adam Frazier, there are a lot of good trade options for a new White Sox second baseman including Eduardo Escobar, Trevor Story, and Javier Baez. However, the best option is Marus Semien, an all-star starter this year who played on the Sox seven years ago.

Semien was traded away in the Jeff Samardzija trade. It was a horrible deal that cost the White Sox two future all-stars for a mediocre pitcher in a non-competitive season. The White Sox have attempted to right their historical wrongs by bringing back former manager (and current Hall of Famer) Tony La Russa, so maybe they can right the historical wrong of this trade as well.

Unfortunately, the White Sox will never get Fernando Tatis Jr. back but getting Semien back might be the next best thing. Semien has a bWAR of 4.7 this year, just shy of Tatis’ 5.0 and far better than any position player on the current White Sox, second base or otherwise.

The Chicago White Sox are going to consider all options at the trade deadline.

The problem with acquiring Semien, of course, is that the Toronto Blue Jays might not be willing to trade him and if they decide to they’ll probably ask for a lot in return. They might still consider themselves contenders but at 4 games behind the Oakland Athletics for the second wild-card spot, a playoff appearance is definitely a long shot at this point.

Whatever it takes for the White Sox to require Semien, it can’t possibly be as bad as the trade where they gave him up in the first place, especially considering they won’t be trading with Billy Beane this time.

Furthermore, the White Sox aren’t inept enough to trade away players that will help them win a championship this season. Acquiring Semien’s star bat and glove (along with getting Eloy Jimenez and others back from the IL) will give the White Sox the power they need to win in the playoffs and World Series. They should go for it while they can.

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