Chicago White Sox: 3 big moves to consider this winter

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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2. Pitching options

The Chicago White Sox could consider some options for their entire pitching staff.

On the flip side, should the White Sox not pick up Hernandez’s option, it would save money that could then be spent on other needs such as the question marks regarding Craig Kimbrel’s option and the possibility of resigning Carlos Rodon.

For one, Rodon has had a dominant break-out year and there really is no reason, due to his consistency this season, to think that he will just lose it all again. Therefore, the Sox could hypothetically resign or extend Rodon and get the starter they would need should he walk instead. Rodon would more than likely be cheaper than most of the free-agent pitching out there this winter.

By spending slightly less on Rodon, the White Sox can then pick up Kimbrel’s option and keep their super bullpen intact. Though Kimbrel has had a rocky start to his White Sox tenure, he is no doubt a future Hall of Famer with 372 saves and a career ERA of 2.15. Whatever is going on with him since being sent to the south side, when he figures it out again, the White Sox are going to want every piece of it. They need to make sure that he is back for 2022.