Chicago White Sox: The 2022 Opening Day dream lineup

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Chicago White Sox, Tim Anderson
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The Chicago White Sox are going t be a very good team in 2022. The way 2021 went was awesome during the regular season but the way it ended in the American League Division Series is going to leave a sour taste in their mouths.

They are going to come into 2022 with high hopes of being an elite team right out of the gate. It took them a bit to really get going in 2021 but they have a chance to change that in the upcoming year.

A big key to their success in 2022 will be health. They weren’t as healthy as you’d like to see in 2021 which was a problem early on. They battled through but they rarely ever got to play with their full lineup as it was designed to be.

They are hoping that their 2022 lineup has everyone healthy and maybe even some new help. The latter is up to Rick Hahn and his staff during the offseason. Hopefully, some moves are made. This is the perfect 2022 lineup for the White Sox:

The leadoff spot is so important for the Chicago White Sox starting lineup every day.

1. Tim Anderson (SS)

Everything with the Chicago White Sox starts and ends with Tim Anderson. That includes their perfect batting lineup. He is the face of their franchise but he is also someone that makes a perfect leadoff man.

Anderson has a bit of power in his game which allows the White Sox to start the game with a lead from time to time. However, he is really elite when it comes to getting on base and then coming around to score thanks to the help that comes after him. When he reaches base, you know good things will happen next.