Chicago White Sox: The 2022 Opening Day dream lineup

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Chicago White Sox, Yoan Moncada
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The bottom three of the Chicago White Sox lineup could be World Series caliber.

7. Yoan Moncada (3B)

Of course, if the White Sox signed a big-time free agent like Marcus Semien, whoever bats seventh out of the “big seven” would probably be the best seventh hitter in the league. Yoan Moncada is perfect for that role.

He certainly has enough power to make a difference but he is a good enough on-base guy to make an impact for the lower hitters that come after him. Setting the tone for the 8 and 9-hitter will be important for this team as they try to take a step offensively. Moncada batting seventh might also take some pressure off him which could really help him.

8. Andrew Vaughn (DH)

Andrew Vaughn deserves to be the team’s DH on Opening Day next year. Gavin Sheets may be in contention for the job as well but Vaughn has a chance to develop into an elite power hitter. Batting 8th might be the way to start the year but he could get moved up in short order if he continues to get even better. 2021 was a great start to a very promising career.

9. Chris Taylor (RF)

Chris Taylor would be an outstanding signing for the White Sox during the offseason. He is a free agent after some very good years playing with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He could start on Opening Day in right field but he could also play some other positions from time to time which would be very helpful. A good and consistent nine-hitter would be nice for this team that has an incredible batting order when healthy.