White Sox: 3 wild Craig Kimbrel trade packages with Phillies

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Chicago White Sox, Craig Kimbrel
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Adding prospects could be a good idea for the Chicago White Sox in a Kimbrel trade.

The Chicago White Sox are a good team at the MLB level. They are certainly in win-now mode after two straight years in the postseason for the first time ever. They have talent all over the big league roster and are going to have that for a long time. With that in mind, they could also continue building while winning at the MLB level as well.

Trading Craig Kimbrel could land prospects in order to add to the farm if that is the route they wanted to go. Unlike the first trade package, this one has a higher-ranked prospect and a lower-ranked prospect instead of two middle-of-the-pack prospects. This also doesn’t have a full-time MLB player involved either like trade two.

This trade is Ethan Wilson who is the number seven Phillies prospect and Kyle Dohy who is the number 27 prospect. Wilson is an outfielder and Dohy is a left-handed pitcher. This is just the type of trade that just gives the White Sox prospect depth and Kimbrel off the books. If that is the only type of deal they can make, they should do it.

Craig Kimbrel to the Phillies just makes a whole lot of sense. He is an elite reliever that is going to do great things once he finds his groove again. Unfortunately, it didn’t work with the White Sox but there is still a way to get something out of that trade. Hopefully, it helps the team.

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