3 impactful free agent hitters for the Chicago White Sox to sign

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Chicago White Sox, Yolbert Sanchez
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The Chicago White Sox are loaded with talent. They have multiple MVP caliber players supplemented by a lot of very good players as well. There are also some second-year players that expect to take that next step as well so it is very exciting to be a fan of this team right now.

Most of the team is very young in general so they should be very good for a long time which is awesome to hear. We can only hope that they sustain it because there could be some really good times ahead.

They do, however, need just a bit more. We saw in 2021 that the Houston Astros humbled them hard in the postseason. Houston is a team that is battle-tested and the White Sox are not there yet. Bringing in a few guys who are might help but their current roster needs to just go through it too.

There are a lot of ways for the White Sox to improve their team right now. There are trades to make or they could go for a free agent that is still out there. Following the lockout, there is still a lot of great players out there looking for new homes in 2022. The White Sox would be perfect for a lot of them.

Of course, this team could really use some help at a few different positions. It would be nice if they could add some arms but they also might want to focus on some new hitters as well. These are three really good hitters for the White Sox to consider signing before the season: