3 crazy Chicago White Sox trade packages for Sean Manaea

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The Chicago White Sox really needs to add another great starter to the mix.

Adding another great starter to the MLB roster is going to be tough for Rick Hahn. If it comes via a trade, he is going to have to say goodbye to a few good players in the process. That is what it takes to win in Major League Baseball these days. The best teams make big trades all the time.

In a way, the White Sox are built on trades. Lucas Giolito, Lance Lynn, Dylan Cease, and Michael Kopech were all acquired via trade. Three of those four were developed by the White Sox into what they are today but it is still a rotation built on acquiring good players from other teams.

That is why allowing Norge Vera and Romy Gonzalez to go to the Oakland A’s is a good idea for the White Sox. Vera is a great young pitcher that has a few years before he reaches the MLB while Gonzalez can play in the big leagues this year. The A’s are going to be bad so that gives them time to see how these guys play in the MLB sooner than contenders.

We have no clue if the White Sox are going to be brave enough to pull off a move like this but it would be in their best interest. It would be awesome to see him in a White Sox uniform this season as they have big-time dreams in 2022.

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