Dallas Keuchel is looking for a Chicago White Sox resurgence

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There are going to be a lot of people that laugh when I say what I am about to say but it cannot be denied any longer. It’s clear to see that Chicago White Sox pitcher Dallas Keuchel’s career could be heading out of the doldrums.

Yes, it’s spring training where nothing is really “for real” but Keuchel has shown some signs of life, especially in his last start.

A big resurgence from Keuchel could mean big things for the White Sox. But is he capable of a such a thing?

Keuchel has played in two games so far in spring training. He has an ERA of 4.05 having pitched 6.2 innings. His WHIP is 1.80 but what might be the most telling stat of all is that he had five strike outs in those six innings.

That’s not that bad, even if it is spring training. We can only hope that he can shake off a poor performance in 2021 where he managed to have an ERA of 5.28 pitching in 162 innings.

Keuchel had a total of 95 strike outs in 2021. The thing we remember most about him is the fact that he wasn’t utilized as part of the rotation in the playoffs and was sort of “set aside” towards the end of the season. That will happen this year if he doesn’t play up to par and pitch much better than he did last year.

Dallas Keuchel has his Chicago White Sox career on the line in 2022.

You can bet that Keuchel will be motivated to be a much better pitcher this year. It’s because of that motivation that I feel he could have a resurgent year. He just has to get the opportunity to prove the he’s a solid pitcher and the rest of it will work itself out.

It’s hard to project what a player is going to do from one year to the next. Batters have slumps and pitchers have slumps as well. That might be what Keuchel was dealing with last season. Maybe his performance gets back to the way it was in 2015 when he was a 20-game winner for the Houston Astros. Yes, that was a long time ago but a career resurgence is possible.

It’s happened before to many other players on several other teams. Keeping 2021 in the back of his mind will help propel Keuchel to bigger and better things in 2022. I would expect that he would have a strong year. He knows he has to improve to not only stay in the starting rotation but to also remain on the White Sox roster.

What’s the crystal ball say about Keuchel for the 2022 season? I think he starts the season a little slow but picks things up and has a solid year. I think that he will be bolstered by a strong starting rotation but still could be the weakest link in that rotation.

You have to like what Keuchel has to offer but can he dig down deep and overcome the demons of last season? We will soon find out.

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