3 White Sox who have no business being on MLB roster

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Chicago White Sox, Anderson Severino
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The Chicago White Sox can’t be trotting out Anderson Severino much longer.

The Chicago White Sox has a lot of really good pitchers in the bullpen and in the starting rotation. Anderson Severino is not one of them. He has had some trouble adapting to Major League hitters and still has a lot to work on before he tries to stay in the show full time.

A contending team shouldn’t be having someone like this on the mound as often as the White Sox have. He has pitched in 7.0 innings over five games. In those games, he has eight strikeouts which are nice but he has a 6.43 ERA and a 1.571 WHIP.

He has pretty much only come in when the White Sox are losing big which isn’t necessarily fair to him either but he has a -0.1 WAR on the season. Things are not looking good for him in terms of staying on the roster in the long term.

By the time this team gets a bit healthier or is forced to go from 28 to 26 roster spots, you’d have to figure that Severino is one of the main candidates to be sent back down to AAA. This won’t be bad for him as he will still be given the opportunity to pitch down there so he can continue improving his game.