3 offseason targets we’re glad the White Sox didn’t sign

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The Chicago White Sox have had a terrible season so far. They are not very good on a consistent basis and now the postseason is looking bleak. A lot of it is because of the fact that they didn’t do anything during the offseason that helped them take a step forward.

Before and after the lockout, there were plenty of great players available for them to sign. There were even some that filled positions of need for a decent price but they didn’t do any of that. The biggest moves they made were the signings of Josh Harrison and Vince Velasquez.

Luckily, some of their biggest targets are ones that are not having very good years at all. Not every single signing is going to work and hindsight says that the White Sox were wise to let a few of them go (that doesn’t excuse them from being totally quiet).

Sometimes, you save your money and get made fun of for it but it ends up working out in the end. These are the three players that the White Sox actually look smart for avoiding:

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The Chicago White Sox were smart to let the Texas Rangers pay Marcus Semien.

The Chicago White Sox had Marcus Semien once upon a time. When they traded him away, he became a superstar player with the Oakland A’s before taking it to the Toronto Blue Jays for a year. That earned him a massive contract with the Texas Rangers.

Now the Rangers have to pay him a lot of money over a long period of time. At 31 years old (he will be 32 soon), that contract already looks bad because he is having an abysmal (by his standards) season so far.

It is possible that he figures it out soon and is good fr the first half of the contract but the White Sox don’t need to be paying an underachieving player all of that money. It would have been exciting at the moment but it is probably good that they missed this one.