2 ways to fix the Chicago White Sox before the trade deadline

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Chicago White Sox, Tony La Russa
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The Chicago White Sox needs to make some big-time changes with their caches.

Coaching Changes:

“Fire Tony” has become a popular chant at Chicago White Sox home games thanks to their manager’s ineptitude in making decisions.

He is simply not equipped to manage the modern game. He also may have played a role in sucking the life out of the team, as they just look bored at this point. They’re also boring to watch.

Unfortunately, we know Tony La Russa isn’t going anywhere as long as Jerry Reinsdorf owns this team at least for this season. So for now, the coaching changes need to revolve around lower-level coaches, some of whom should be replaced to give these players better guidance and instruction.

Fire Frank Menechino:

You can blame the players if you want. You can also blame injuries. But the pathetic batting results of Yoan Moncada, Eloy Jimenez, and Yasmani Grandal lie primarily at the fault of the coaching staff. There’s no reason that these guys should be this bad at hitting.

We’ve also seen guys like Gavin Sheets do better with the AAA coach than with Menechino. I don’t care if the players like him, he’s done an awful job so replacing Menechino would be the right move. Since the AAA hitting coach has done more for the Sox this year than Menechino has, a promotion may be in order.

Fire Joe McEwing:

I’m not sure what Joe McEwing has been doing as the third base coach of the White Sox but this team has some of the worst base runnings I’ve ever seen. They’ve lost a chance to win several games because they ran themselves out on the bases.

While firing McEwing might not necessarily make this team better, it certainly would not make this team any worse. For a replacement, I would suggest AJ Pierzynski, which could give him the coaching experience he needs to manage the team next season.

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