This White Sox player needs to get it together in the second half

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(Photo by David Berding/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox are not a complete team right now. Injuries and ineffective play have handcuffed them over the first half of the season. There are several guilty parties when it comes to their lackluster performance.

You can’t point the finger at just one player as there are several guilty ones but there is one in particular that has yet to get things together and play well. He is someone that the White Sox desperately need to get going so that they can win more games.

That player is none other than Eloy Jimenez. Now granted, he’s been hurt and injuries aren’t something that players can typically control but you must look at the facts. Jimenez has missed a lot this season, and the time he’s missed has been detrimental to the White Sox.

Jimenez has been hurt a lot and has missed a lot of time. In fact, he has played in just 19 games and has had 66 at-bats. That’s it!

It’s likely that Jimenez is a bit injury prone and cannot make it a full season without something significant happening to him.

The Chicago White Sox needs to get Eloy Jimenez back on the field healthy.

Maybe he is just built to be injured? It certainly seems like that is the case. This is hurting the White Sox because they don’t have one of their big bats in the lineup. When Jimenez is there and playing well, he’s stellar.

The White Sox has a bit of a quandary with Jimenez. What should they do about him? Perhaps they could make a trade with another team and have them take him off their hands in return for someone that is much healthier and always ready to play.

What team will trade for someone whose only consistent thing about him is that he’s injured? Someone might take a chance on him but the Sox wouldn’t get back near what they would want for a player with his ceiling. When he’s healthy, he’s usually great.

What does Jimenez need to do to have a better second half? He needs to get healthy! That’s the main issue he’s going to have to work on. When he’s healthy, he needs to be as productive as his talent suggests.

He’s going to need to be hitting home runs when he’s up at the plate. When he’s out fielding, he needs to be spot on. Hope isn’t lost for Jimenez. If he can stay healthy and step his play up a bit, he could easily be one of the top hitters in the league.

With the fact that he has struggled so much with his health, we wonder if he’s ever going to live up to his full potential. Right now, it would appear that he isn’t going to be able to do that.

In this upcoming 2nd half, Jimenez needs to get healthy. If he can do that, the Sox will be that much better. If he can’t, we might see the last of him in this type of role with the team.

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