3 White Sox trade packages for Frankie Montas that win the division

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The White Sox should consider someone like Frankie Montas this deadline.

The Chicago White Sox would look so much better on paper in terms of hitting if they acquired Frankie Montas. If they had to send over four pretty good players for him they should do it in a heartbeat. With the deadline just over 24 hours away, the A’s need to make this deal.

Yoelqui Cespedes is one of the team’s top prospects and someone that should be a pretty good MLB player one day. The A’s should know all about him as his older brother Yoenis was a great player for them. He could thrive playing for the team that his brother was so good with.

Jimmy Lambert has resurrected his career by pitching very well for the White Sox here in 2022. There were times where Tony La Russa came out a genius for using him because he has been so solid for most of the year. He could be valuable on the traded market.

Micker Adolfo needs a chance in Major League Baseball. Out of all White Sox prospects over the last few years, he has been the one given the least amount of chance for whatever reason. It is time that he gets a change of scenery.

For Seby Zavala, they need to get rid of a catcher anyway as they won’t carry three if they don’t have to. When the team is fully healthy, they might have to make a decision on one of these guys so trading Zavala could be big for them.

Montas is going to be traded and it is just a matter of when. If the White Sox want to be in on it, they might have to make one of these deals and maybe even add more on the return. It would be worth it.

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