Minnesota Twins do much better at the deadline than White Sox

(Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images) /

The trade deadline has come and passed. The Chicago White Sox did absolutely nothing on the actual deadline day which is not good news at all. The night before, they traded Reese McGuire to the Boston Red Sox for a lefty reliever in Jake Diekman but that did nothing.

They were a team that had a few needs and were looking to address them but they did nothing. Rick Hahn wasn’t able to get anything going for an area of need and now they are going into the post-deadline portion of the schedule with pretty much the same team as before it.

Unfortunately for them, the Minnesota Twins did actually act like a team that wanted to win the division. They made three really big trades that are going to help them take a stranglehold on the division as long as they play to their potential.

First, they are going to be getting All-Star closer Jorge Lopez from the Baltimore Orioles. He is having a magnificent year and is sure to help the Twins in the back end of their bullpen. When they have a lead late, they are going to be hard to beat.

The second deal came with the Cincinnati Reds. They secured pitcher Tyler Mahle in a trade and that is a very nice starter to add to their rotation. Pitching is clearly their biggest problem and they are doing things to address it.

The Chicago White Sox did nothing and the Minnesota Twins made improvements.

These two moves alone would have been nice but they decided to do even more when the opportunity was there. They made a trade with a division rival to land Michael Fulmer from the Detroit Tigers. It is a move that very well could checkmate them as the division winners down the stretch.

It is really a shame that the White Sox are going to see it all go down like this. The Twins don’t have to live up to expectations now that these trades are done but they certainly have a much better chance.

The White Sox will have to turn it up big time in order to come back and win the division. Today was a failure for them in every way.

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