The Chicago White Sox should have just put Luis Robert on the IL

(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox has had a strange season full of mishaps by players and missteps by management. This team has left us scratching our heads over a bunch of decisions that they have made both on and off the field. And the weirdness continues.

Center fielder Luis Robert was injured trying to slide into second base a week ago during a 2-0 win over the Detroit Tigers. He hurt his wrist and was in a lot of visible obvious pain when he went out of the game with the training staff.

It almost looked as if Robert would be out for quite a long time. But we found out later it was a minor wrist injury and the x-rays were negative. It was said that he wasn’t going to be out that long.

But days went by and we saw no sign of Robert coming into the lineup to play. The wrist bothered him quite a bit during his time out of the lineup and he missed several games.

The Chicago White Sox should have put Luis Robert on the IL right away.

Typically, when a player appears to be poised to miss more than a few games, they go onto the injured list to make room for another player that can come in and help the team.

But the White Sox didn’t put Robert on the injured list. They left him ready to play or at least fill in. But he did neither.

The White Sox missed their chance to bring up a productive player from the Minors that may have helped them score more runs, play better defense, and quite possibly win more games.

This was an odd move by management and one that makes us wonder what their game plan was. Was Robert very close to coming back every day and the Sox were just being very cautious or did they just not feel that there was someone out there that could help them out in the short term?

It would appear as if Robert is going to be back on Friday and be ready to play. It is fair to guess that Robert may not make it back until the weekend or quite possibly the start of the next week.

The White Sox are clearly going slow with Robert quite a bit by being overcautious. But you never know, his injury could be much more significant than it appears. The question remains, why not put him on the injured list? We will probably never know.

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