3 Chicago White Sox players to cut ties with in September

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The Chicago White Sox are in September now and the race is really heating up. They are within a couple of games in the AL Central race that is hot along with the Cleveland Guardians and Minnesota Twins. Going forward, they need to put their best foot forward.

There are a few players on the team that just don’t help the team win anymore. With the standings the way that they are, it might be time to really take things seriously.

We have already seen the changes in this team since Tony La Russa left and now it would be nice to see the players that don’t help them win leave or be sent to AAA.

These are the three players that the Chicago White Sox should cut ties with right now before September is over:

player. 128. . UTIL. Chicago White Sox. Leury Garcia. 28

The Chicago White Sox need to move on from Leury Garcia as soon as they can.

The Chicago White Sox should have never given Leury Garcia a contract after 2021 in the first place. That was a mistake on whoever it was that wanted it done. Rick Hahn will take the blame but it is fair to assume that Tony La Russa had a lot to do with it.

He hit a big home run in the first home playoff game and the White Sox won the game because of it. However, it was obvious that he was having a terrible year and it has been even worse here in 2022. They should really consider moving on from him right now.

With Elvis Andrus in the mix, they have absolutely no reason to keep Leury Garcia around. They might have t buy him out but it would be worth it as his departure would improve the team.