White Sox Rumors: Ozzie Guillen is not ruled out for manager

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The Chicago White Sox are not in a position to just consider anyone for their manager. They were an elite team (93-69) in 2021 before having an abysmal (81-81) season in 2022 where they wildly failed to meet expectations. Tony La Russa didn’t do a good job and it is time for a change.

There have been emerging candidates ever since the season ended which is a good thing because that means that the team is doing what it needs to in order to make the right hire. A lot of them have some good things that they can bring to this team.

Ozzie Guillen has not been ruled out as a potential hire according to Bruce Levine on 670 The Score. The fact that he said this and confirmed that they aren’t just looking at anyone has to make you think that this is really a possibility.

It doesn’t mean that Guillen is going to be hired but it does mean that he is in consideration for the job. Even if he doesn’t get it, that won’t change the fact that he was considered. It is good to know that the White Sox are leaving no realistic stone unturned.

The Chicago White Sox are not out on Ozzie Guillen for the manager job.

If the White Sox did make a hire like this, it would certainly be bold. He is a loud presence in the White Sox community these days but he hasn’t managed since his short stint with the Miami Marlins in 2012.

He is also the most successful manager in the history of the Chicago White Sox. He is the only living person that has managed the White Sox to a World Series championship as they did in 2005. It was the greatest year in the history of the team and he deserves a lot of credit for it.

During a postgame before the season ended, he claimed that nobody knows this team more than him and he might be right. For being away from managing, he is clearly still invested in the team that is playing in the modern day. That makes him someone to consider.

There is no denying that hiring him would change the attitude of the team. He is not afraid to scream at anyone he feels needs it and the way he does things in terms of baseball operations is proven to work. It is unclear right now if he is the right fit for the job at this time but it is being considered.

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