Chicago White Sox: 3 most likely Tony La Russa replacements

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It sounds like the Chicago White Sox are really doing their due diligence when it comes to searching for their new manager. Tony La Russa did a terrible job in 2022 and now they don’t have to deal with it anymore.

La Russa left due to a medical issue in August and the team got better right away. It wasn’t until they were completely out that they fell apart toward the end. If they made a move earlier in the year, it might have had a different ending.

Now, they are moving on. There have been plenty of interviews and rumors surrounding this search and a few of them are promising.

This is a team that needs a completely different vibe. Based on everything that we know at this point in time, these are the three most likely candidates to be hired:

1. Ozzie Guillen

We know that Ozzie Guillen has had some interviews and will have more later in the week. He is the only living person that has won a World Series as a White Sox manager as he did so in 2005. It would be a very interesting story for everyone in baseball if he returned.

Ozzie knows this team better than any candidate. That doesn’t make him the best candidate but he certainly knows the players better than everyone else. He has a close relationship with a lot of them away from the game and he has watched almost every one of their games in recent memory.

Of course, Guillen currently serves as an analyst on NBC Sports Chicago doing the pregame and postgame shows. If he made this move back into the manager’s chair, it would be very fun to see if he can bring a new life to this squad as he did in 2005.