White Sox: Another team that needed a manager is off the table

(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox are bringing in a new manager for the 2023 season but we don’t know who yet. There are a few other teams out there trying to find the right guy before the offseason gets underway this winter. No matter what, the Sox are hoping that it ends better than last time.

Last week, the Texas Rangers filled their vacancy by hiring Bruce Bochy to be their manager. That took a team away from trying to take whoever the White Sox would have wanted. Although Bochy has had an amazing career, he couldn’t have been that different from Tony La Russa.

The White Sox need something fresh. One team that they seem to have the same criteria with is the Miami Marlins. They both seem like they are headed in the same direction in terms of what manager they wanted. Luckily, they filled that void on Tuesday.

Miami hired Skip Shumaker to be the guy. He is a first-time manager which seems to be the direction that the White Sox might go in as well. Shumaker had a nice career that included a World Series Championship with Tony La Russa’s St. Louis Cardinals.

Speaking of the Cardinals, he was their bench coach in 2022. Before that, he had a handful of seasons as an assistant coach with the San Diego Padres. He has learned his trade well and deserves this opportunity with Miami.

The Chicago White Sox are no longer against the Marlins in a manager search.

That takes another team off the board and the White Sox are no longer hoping that Miami gets their guy. Joe Espada is high on the White Sox radar and could potentially be the guy. Miami was also interviewing him multiple times but will not be the team that hires him.

Even if the White Sox don’t hire Espada, Miami won’t be the team taking him away from them. There are some good candidates out there to consider and we can only hope that they do the right thing when they make this hire.

The 2023 season has the potential to be a very nice bounce-back year for the White Sox but they need the right guy leading the ship. The Miami Marlins are no longer in danger of taking their guy, whoever that may be.

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