2 free agent pitchers for the White Sox to sign before spring training

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There is a chance that the Chicago White Sox will be looking for some help in the starting pitching department before spring training begins.

Obviously, the big money free-agents are already signed and preparing for life with their new teams but not everybody has a new home yet.

The White Sox might be shopping at the end of the line now but they can still get a good arm or two similar to how they got Johnny Cueto in 2022.

One of these two remaining free-agent starters would be a great fit before we reach spring training baseball:

There are two very good pitchers for the Chicago White Sox to consider.

1. Zack Greinke

The Chicago White Sox could really use a veteran starter like Zack Greinke. He is 39 years old which is probably why he is still available although he had a really nice season last year with the Kansas City Royals.

He had a 2.6 WAR despite being on a bad Royals team that didn't support him the way that they should have.

Outside of last year even, Greinke has been one of the best pitchers in the league during his prime. He has himself a pretty decorated career. He won the Cy Young, two ERA titles, six Gold Gloves, two Silver Sluggers (he somehow was a decent hitter for a pitcher), and made six All-Star appearances.

A player like this would be perfect for a White Sox team that could desperately use another pitcher and another leader. Obviously, he has a Kansas City Royals connection with Pedro Grifol too which is nice.

2. Michael Wacha

Michael Wacha is much younger than Zack Greinke and he had a significantly better year than him playing for the Boston Red Sox. His being unsigned makes even less sense. He had a 3.3 WAR and a stellar 11-2 record.

This is a guy who doesn't seem to have gotten the respect that he deserves in his career. He has one All-Star appearance and an NLCS MVP to his name but he has shown to be a very solid pitcher. this is absolutely a guy that the Chicago White Sox should bring in.

You'd think that he'd be their number five but if he pitched as he did in 2022 he'd be their number two. Some things feel like a no-brainer and this is one of them.

Neither of these guys is going to win the Cy Young or anything like that but they'd both help the White Sox rotation round out a little bit. It should absolutely be on the table.

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