Cutting Mike Clevinger is the right move if the allegations are true

Chicago White Sox v San Diego Padres
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The Chicago White Sox are in the middle of a big issue right now. Mike Clevinger is being investigated for some very serious domestic violence allegations. The mother of his 10-month-old baby claims him to be a domestic abuser

They signed Clevinger to a deal in early December with the hopes that he can be a mainstay in their rotation. He was off in 2022 after coming back from Tommy John surgery in 2021. None of the baseball factors matter when talking about things as horrific as these allegations.

Now, it seems as if the Chicago White Sox should cut him before he ever played a single game for the White Sox. If these allegations are true, he should be let go right away. There is an investigation going on from Major League Baseball right now.

The White Sox told The Athletic that they aren't going to comment any further on the matter until the investigation is complete. Again, if these things are found to be true, he should be gone in a matter of minutes. There is no place for people like him near the game of baseball.

The Chicago White Sox should cut Mike Clevinger right away if it is true.

The league has the ability to hand down discipline despite what happens in terms of charges but the White Sox should beat them to it. It doesn't matter who it is, domestic violence is serious and he should be gone if these things are taken and found to be accurate allegations.

The White Sox are a disappointing organization for not doing better to know about this allegation. The article from The Athletic claims that the White Sox did not know about it but that is very hard to believe based on some things that have happened in recent years.

Getting Clevinger off the roster would be a great way for them to show that they are serious about this stuff. If they truly didn't know, they could even void the contract.

Sometimes, doing the right thing is so easy and the White Sox have an easy opportunity to make the right decision staring them in the face. Let's see if they do it.

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