The 2023 Major League Baseball season is officially over

San Diego Padres v Chicago White Sox
San Diego Padres v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are one of the bottom squads in the league. They finished the 2023 season 61-101 which was the fourth-worst team in terms of record. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong for this team.

When the playoffs started, there were plenty of reasons to be upset as White Sox fans. However, it was fair to enjoy some good baseball after putting ourselves through another really tough season.

By the time we reached the World Series, it was a stunning matchup. The Texas Rangers defeated last year's AL Champion in the Houston Astros. On the other side, the Arizona Diamondbacks beat last year's NL Champion in the Philadelphia Phillies.

Nobody would have ever thought that these two teams had a chance. Both of them were underdogs in just about every series they played. It was truly remarkable to see both squads prove everyone wrong.

The 2023 MLB Postseason was incredible to watch as fan of another team.

In the World Series, it was pretty obvious that both teams had a chance and anything could happen. Texas won the first game and the Diamondbacks won the second making it look like it really was going to be a wild series.

From there, however, the Rangers won three straight games to capture the franchise's first-ever World Series championship. It is an amazing accomplishment for a team that had 100 losses two years ago.

For the second year in a row, the World Series title is headed back to the state of Texas as the Astros had it last year. Nobody would have ever thought that the Rangers would do this in 2023 when the season first started but that is the beauty of baseball.

White Sox fans might remember Dane Dunning and Marcus Semien as former Sox players. They are both members of the Texas Rangers and are both now World Series champions. It is cool to see these guys get it done.

Now, the off-season will officially begin for the White Sox and all of baseball. With that said, the Rangers are going to take time to celebrate this as they deserve.

They are proof that going out and spending some money can help you win. That is a concept the White Sox just refuse to accept. Maybe this will teach them a lesson but don't count on it.

Congrats to the Texas Rangers on the big win. They deserve every bit of praise for the team that they have put together. What a run it was.

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