Chicago White Sox: This is the best prospect at each position

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Yep. We are here again. Chicago White Sox fans are looking at the prospects in their system and thinking about how they can help the team in the future.

That was not supposed to be the play in 2023 when looking back at the rebuild. From 2020 to 2026 at a minimum, they were supposed to be looking to win the World Series at least once.

Instead, we're here projecting the baseball careers of a bunch of kids who have never stepped on a Major League diamond before.

It is what it is. The White Sox don't have a deep farm system but there are some players at the top to be excited about. These are the best prospects for each position:

The Chicago White Sox have young pitchers and catchers that they like.

C - Edgar Quero

The Chicago White Sox landed Edgar Quero in a trade with the Los Angeles Angels. He came over as a part of the package that sent Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez out there.

Now, he is ranked as the number three prospect in the entire system. He is truly a talented player and one that the White Sox are expecting to have in their system for a long time.

The White Sox called up Korey Lee earlier this year and he played with them for a bit. He still wouldn't be ranked higher than Quero on a prospects list but he is worth mentioning as well.

With how things have gone with this position (outside of half of 2021 for Yasmani Grandal), this should be a focus for the team.

P - Noah Schultz

Noah Schultz is the top pitching prospect in the system. He has been very good in the Chicago White Sox system so far since becoming their first-round pick in 2022.

He has outstanding stuff and should end up becoming a very good MLB player. He is also a local kid so his motivation to eventually play for the White Sox should be through the roof. The Sox are lucky to have a pitching prospect like this. Hopefully, they find a way to keep developing him properly.