2023 MLB Draft: Pitching needs for the Chicago White Sox

Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

The 2023 Major League Baseball Draft is coming this July and the Chicago White Sox will need to make the most out of this draft in order to prepare for a better future.

In all honesty, it appears as if their 2023 season may slowly be slipping away and they will need to start looking towards the future if they want to win more games and get into the postseason.

The window for the White Sox to become a World Series contender may be closed now. It isn’t really due to a lack of talent. It’s more or less due to injury issues and poor management.

It’s probably time that the White Sox admitted that they were rebuilding again and started to stockpile pieces for the future. We have been thinking that they are “close” to doing something in the postseason but that just hasn’t panned out.

This team is broke.

The Chicago White Sox can think about their future staff already.

Pitching is going to become a problem for the White Sox in the near future. I have brought up the status of the current pitching staff in the past.

We have talked about Lucas Giolito not being in the future plans. Mike Clevinger is on a one-year deal and Lance Lynn may be headed out of town. Dylan Cease and perhaps Michael Kopech seem to be the only sure shots on the pitching staff as it stands right now.

A near-complete overhaul of the pitching staff may be coming down the road and the White Sox will need to stock up on pitchers in the draft in order to help keep their supply of pitchers moving in the right direction.

The White Sox will have some options at pitcher in the draft. While they likely won’t be able to get a guy like Tennessee’s Chase Dollander, they could end up with someone like Wake Forest’s Teddy McGraw or James Madison’s Bryce Eldridge.

There are several prospects to choose from in the draft and the White Sox should be able to find some help early on and as they move deeper into the draft.

It’s possible that the White Sox could go for some pitching talent early and often in the draft.

I would look for Chicago to go after pitching talent with their first few picks in the draft. There should be plenty of help available including a couple of the guys that we previously mentioned as well as guys like Texas State’s Levi Wells and South Carolina’s Will Sanders.

There are a host of possibilities when it comes to pitching talent and the White Sox will likely take advantage of some of it early on in the draft.

I would suspect that the White Sox are really going to hit pitching hard and go after quite a few prospects with their picks this year. With some great scouting and a little luck, the White Sox could build up a pretty solid pitching arsenal not only with their starting rotation but also with their bullpen.

We will have much more on the prospects that the White Sox may be interested in future posts. 

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