3 agonizing free agent destinations Tim Anderson could choose that would haunt White Sox fans

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The Chicago White Sox made the decision to let Tim Anderson go. He is going to be a free agent following the team not picking up his option for 2024.

This is obviously interesting news considering that they are trying to win again in 2024 (according to themselves). He won't be back but he will truly be missed by most. There were some good times throughout his White Sox tenure.

Now, Anderson is going to have the task of finding a new team to play for in 2024. There are going to be some options for him but he might have to make some adjustments.

Anderson is certainly not going to go to a team and just demand the spot as the leadoff hitter. If he earns it again, that won't be surprising but it won't be right away.

The Chicago White Sox are going to see Tim Anderson on another team.

He might also have to play some second base, DH, or even the outfield to be in the lineup as well. A lot of teams need help in those areas more than shortstop. If we are being honest, his defensive game at that position has taken steps back anyway.

It will be fun to see where Tim lands next as White Sox fans will surely be interested in seeing how he does with his new squad.

However, there are a few teams that would be tough to see him with. There are a few rivals that he can choose that would haunt White Sox fans. Hopefully, he doesn't choose one of these three: