3 bad players you forgot were on the White Sox in 2023

Baltimore Orioles v Chicago White Sox
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This has been one of the worst seasons in the history of the Chicago White Sox. Pretty much from April on, they have been a disaster of an organization. There has been a ton of losing and there are lots of different reasons for the losing.

So far this season, they have fired Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams which has changed the entire dynamic of their front office. In their place, they have hired Chris Getz to replace both of them.

They have also traded away a ton of players. Lucas Giolito, Reynaldo Lopez, Lance Lynn, Joe Kelly, Kendall Graveman, and Jake Burger were all sent away. That is a lot of roster reconstruction for the sake of bringing in some prospects.

There have also been some players who were cut because they were just straight-up bad. These are the three bad players that you forgot were on the White Sox in 2023:

1. Jake Diekman

Jake Diekman's time with the Chicago White Sox did not go well.

Jake Diekman was the one trade acquisition in 2022 when the White Sox were trying to win the AL Central. Rick Hahn was a bad general manager so it makes sense that he'd make a move like this. Obviously, it didn't help them win.

Diekman came into 2023 looking to bounce back after being horrible in 2022 and he was even worse. Eventually, things got so bad for him that the White Sox cut him. He was then claimed by the Tampa Bay Rays where things started to get better for him.

His ERA with the White Sox was 7.94 and it is 2.40 with the Rays. The White Sox clearly have no idea what they are doing with their players. Right when he left, the Rays helped him look like Jake Diekman again. It is honestly sad to think about.

You don't have to dislike Diekman for not playing well with the White Sox. The way his 2023 season has made it clear that it wasn't his fault. His time with the team feels so long ago that it is easy to forget it ever happened at this point.