3 biggest needs for the White Sox at the Winter Meetings

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers
Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers / Rey Del Rio/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are at the Winter Meetings with the rest of Major League Baseball. It is one of the most entertaining weeks of the baseball calendar which is nice but the White Sox need to do something.

This is a team that came into 2022 trying to make a run at the World Series. Instead, they played horrific and ended up missing the playoffs entirely. Every night they felt like a drag to keep up with which is never what you want your fans to feel.

Now, we are in the off-season and things are really heating up. There has already been a lot of money handed out to players by teams but the bulk of the signings are still in front of us.

As we enter day three of the meetings, there are some glaring needs for the White Sox. If they don't address these needs in short order, they are going to have more of the same results in 2023.

The Chicago White Sox need to make some upgrades this off-season.

Second Base

Second base is a disaster for the White Sox now. They were hoping that Nick Madrigal would be that guy for them in the long term but mistakes were made. They traded him to the Chicago Cubs in the Craig Kimbrel trade and now they are left with a hole.

Danny Mendick, Josh Harrison, and Leury Garcia all filled that spot last year. Garcia, the worst of the three, is the only one being brought back for 2023. They need to make an upgrade to the position this off-season or they will see similar (failed) results.

Right Field

Left field is also up in the air but right is way worse. Guys like Gavin Sheets cannot be patrolling that portion of the field anymore as he was just straight-up terrible there. It isn't Sheets' fault either. He is a great hitter that is a natural first baseman playing out of position.

That must change this off-season. They need to find someone good and bring them in as fast as they can. If it is Oscar Colas, fine. They just better be sure that he is the right answer because they will have to answer if he isn't.


This position is always going to be on the list. No team in the league would say no to another really good starter or reliever. The White Sox are no different.

Right now, all of their starters are right-handed so they might look at one of the lefties out there to try and bring some balance to the group.

All of the positions are important and need to be addressed as soon as possible. Whether it is via a trade or a free agent, it would be nice to see these problems addressed during the Winter Meetings.

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