3 catchers the Chicago White Sox can acquire in a trade

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The Chicago White Sox are going to be sellers at the trade deadline. That much is for sure. However, that doesn't mean that they can't also acquire players that will help them in the future.

For example, if Jonathan India is a piece that comes back to the White Sox in a trade with the Cincinnati Reds, it should be a welcomed addition.

The White Sox are not particularly set at the position of catcher in the future. Yasmani Grandal is likely going to be gone after 2023 is over and Seby Zavala is not the answer.

Even if getting one to help them finish out this year or next year on a good note is an option, they should consider it.

A bad catcher could even be a throw-in option for a trade that the White Sox take him back to get a better return.

One of these catchers makes sense for the White Sox as they look to brighten their future:

1. Austin Barnes

Austin Barnes could help the White Sox land a better trade return.

Getting through the 2023 season is something that the White Sox need to do in order to start building this thing back up. Making seller-type trades is a way to do that.

Austin Barnes is having a bad year with the Los Angeles Dodgers. They probably do want to move him because he makes thier team worse.

The Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers also make tons of sense for a trade. They could use a shortstop like Tim Anderson or a starting pitcher like Lucas Giolito.

If a trade like that is made, the Dodgers may consider throwing Barnes in a trade just to get rid of him which could land the White Sox better prospects. With a catcher like Will Smith at the MLB level, they won't miss him. Also, two of their three top prospects are catchers right now.

When you are a bad team this late in the season, it doesn't really matter if you get much worse. Adding Barnes for the rest of the year is something to consider for them to get a better deal done.