3 Chicago White Sox early 2023 season trade targets

St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs
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The Chicago White Sox are a team that might already be out of it. They have started to play better once the calendar moved to May but not good enough to be totally confident in them.

They lost ten in a row back in April and that type of early hole is something that is going to be hard to come out of.

Rick Hahn might be foolish enough, however, to think his team still has a chance to win big this season. That might force him to make some additions via the trade market.

If he were to do something like that, these three players might make good targets for him as he tries to save his job:

1. Nick Madrigal - INF - Cubs

Nick Madrigal coming back to the Chicago White Sox makes some sense.

There is a move made in 2021 that started the premature downfall of the Chicago White Sox. Rick Hahn traded Nick Madrigal and Codi Heuer to the Chicago Cubs for Craig Kimbrel.

Madrigal and Heuer haven't been anything special for the Cubs but at least they are still on the team. Acquiring Kimbrel, in hindsight, while they already had Liam Hendriks dominating 9th innings was a horrible decision.

Now, Hahn could try and get Madrigal back to undo that bad deal. They need a second baseman as Elvis Andrus has been terrible this year.

Madrigal, again, hasn't been good since leaving the White Sox. He doesn't fit in well with the Cubs at all. However, he might find that "Nicky-two-strikes" form that made his start with the White Sox feel good. If he remains bad on the south side, he'd fit right in with everyone else anyway.