3 Chicago White Sox non-roster invitees facing a critical spring training

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Indians - Game Two
Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Indians - Game Two / Jason Miller/GettyImages

It is February which means that spring training is upon us very soon. The Super Bowl is under a few weeks away which means that baseball will pretty much immediately follow.

For the Chicago White Sox, that means the pressure is on because big-time changes will be made if they are bad again this year.

Of course, they need bounce-back years and health for a lot of players on this team. There are lots of players on the squad that was so bad in 2022 that need to improve in 2023 or be gone.

The White Sox have invited a few non-roster players to spring training ball this year and they now have some pressure on them to perform in order to keep their careers going.

The Chicago White Sox going to take whoever helps them win the most.

These are the three players here that are in a critical point of their career:

1. Billy Hamilton

Billy Hamilton has already been a part of the Chicago White Sox in his career. He was outstanding with his legs and glove during the 2021 season. He even had a few moments with his bat that earned him the nickname "Billy The Hitter".

The team had an extra bit of life to them when he was out there making an impact. He is getting his chance again going into 2023 after spending last season with a few other teams.

2. Jake Marisnick

Jake Marisnick has certainly played a lot in this league and carved himself out a really nice career. Now, he is getting a chance with the White Sox in spring training. If he plays well here, that could earn him a spot with the Sox or it could even allow him to play for another team.

3. Victor Reyes

Victor Reyes has a lot of good baseball under his belt in this league. He was never a star or anything like that but he is finally going to start a season with someone other than the Detroit Tigers.

He comes to the White Sox at a critical point in his career and hopes to make an impact. He is very familiar with the division and the White Sox need some depth in the outfield so you never know how that works out in his favor or not.

The White Sox need as much help as they can get in every department so it is good to be bringing in some hungry players as they try to save their careers. That could be a great mutual gain for everyone involved.

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