3 Chicago White Sox Players Who Could Follow Dylan Cease Out The Door

3 White Sox players could follow Dylan Cease out of the door very soon.
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The Chicago White Sox moved Dylan Cease to the San Diego Padres. He was a great ace for them once he was fully developed and will forever be remembered. 

It needed to be done though as his timeline no longer matches the timeline of the Chicago White Sox. Rick Hahn’s rebuild was a failure and now Chris Getz is in that chair to try and fix it. 

There might be a few other players that the White Sox should consider trading while they still have some value. It is a shame that this is where this franchise is right now but it is the reality of the situation. 

These are three players that might be following Cease out of the door...

Luis Robert Jr. is now the most valuable asset that the White Sox have.

The Chicago White Sox are looking to make some big moves it seems. Now that Dylan Cease is gone, Luis Robert Jr. is the most valuable asset that they have in the organization. He is coming off a career year so his value could be as high as it ever will be.

He could also continue to get better which would make a return for him even better. The scary part about that way of thinking is his injury history. If he gets hurt, his value goes way down again.

There isn't a point in keeping Robert in the long term because he is going to get a large paycheck next time he is owed and the White Sox are not going to be the one to pay him.

Robert is elite because he is an incredible hitter and an incredible defender at centerfield. Being a Gold Glove-caliber player at a premier position like centerfield is something that separates him from a lot of elite hitters in the league. If this is a legit rebuild, they'd move him for a haul as soon as possible.