3 Chicago White Sox players that will disappoint this season

Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox
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Martin Maldonado

Martin Maldonado is on this list simply because he’s not that strong of a hitter. It appears as if he’s going to be a huge asset behind the plate but not alongside it. Maldonado is not there for his hitting anyway, he’s there more to be a catcher. Still, it’s always nice to have a catcher that can hit the ball. That’s not what you will get from Maldonado, however, and that’s disappointing.

When making this list, it was a little hard to put Maldonado on it because of the vast amount of experience that he has as a catcher. He’s been through a lot, including a World Series with the Houston Astros. He has the knowledge but the ability to do some basic baseball functions, such as hitting the ball regularly, isn’t there.

Unfortunately for Maldonado and the White Sox, he’s likely not going to improve his hitting. He’s kind of on a deal where he is a stopgap till the likes of Korey Lee is ready to come to the majors, full-time. Once Lee is ready, he’ll replace Maldonado and Max Stassi as the primary catcher in the lineup.