3 Chicago White Sox players that will disappoint this season

Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox
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Kevin Pillar

Does anyone else get the feeling that Kevin Pillar might not be a long-term fit for the White Sox? Like Maldonado, Pillar just might be a stopgap player until someone else comes along to fill the spot. Someone better. Pillar was likely brought in and is playing because he’s an older guy with veteran experience. His leadership is likely important to the clubhouse dynamic. The more and better leaders the White Sox have, the better off they are.

Pillar hasn’t been known as a big-time hitter. He’s been a steady, but not spectacular player who has bounced around the league for several seasons. He’s at the tail end of his career and the White Sox are probably the last place he’s going to go.

Pillar is likely going to be a flash in the pan this year and struggle along with most of the rest of the team. He could be replaced at some point should someone else step up or if they see an opportunity to grab someone else to fill the spot. If he does last the entire season with the Sox, that would be a surprise.