3 Chicago White Sox players who will surprise this season

Andrew Benintendi, Paul DeJong, and Gavin Sheets could have surprisingly good seasons.

Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox
Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox / John E. Moore III/GettyImages
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It’s time folks! The regular season of baseball is underway! People across the land are excited that things are “back to normal” and that baseball has returned.

With the return of baseball, many people are starting to wonder what the Chicago White Sox will be capable of doing this year. From some, you hear that they are going to have a terrible season. From others, you hear that they are going to be mediocre.

No one is saying that they are going to win and make the playoffs.

When it comes to players who are going to step up and perform well, there are a handful of guys that we think might surprise us this season. There are three that might stand out and surprise us.

Who are they and why might they surprise the White Sox fan base?

They aren’t your likely suspects. Luis Robert, Jr is not on this list. But the three players that make up this list are guys that could bring some positive play to the White Sox this season.

Let’s look at the three players, currently on the White Sox roster, that could surprise us in 2024 and help make the season a little bit brighter.