3 Chicago White Sox players to get rid of before May

Baltimore Orioles v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox are a horrifically bad baseball team. They came into 2023 hoping to make things better after a bad 2022 season that saw them go 81-81.

Well, at this point, it appears as if this team isn't even good enough to do that. They don't pitch well when they hit well and they don't hit well when they pitch well.

Their bullpen is amongst the worst in the league and most of their starters have been awful. It makes it even worse when you think about the fact that their prospect farm is awful.

In order to start sending a message, it is time that they make some moves. These are the three players that should be gone before we even reach May:

1. Hanser Alberto

The Chicago White Sox should not be employing Hanser Alberto.

Hanser Albert is on the Injured List so we will have to wait until that stint is over but it will be before we hit May. He shouldn't even have made the team out of camp but that is just one of a million bad decisions made by the team.

They should have probably kept Leury Garcia over him if we are being honest (although having neither of them would be best). Their career numbers are almost identical.

He was the story of spring training but it was obvious from the beginning that he wasn't going to pan out with the team. It isn't like he became a great player overnight.

Jake Burger is amongst the American League leaders in lots of offensive categories so he should stay no matter what and Albert should be on the move.