White Sox News: Another series loss brings them to 7-12 on the season

Philadelphia Phillies v Chicago White Sox
Philadelphia Phillies v Chicago White Sox / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox had a chance to finally win a series for the first time this season on Wednesday. It is sad that they made it this far without a series win but it’s the reality of the situation. 

The Philadelphia Phillies are the defending National League champions so beating them would make a lot of people feel good about the White Sox for a second. Philly hasn’t gotten off to the best start but we know they’ll be in the mix in the end.

Unfortunately, the White Sox were unable to do so as they lost the game. This was a chance for them to do something great and they blew it. 

They went down 1-0 as Trea Turner finally hit his first home run of the season. Outside of hitting home runs, he has had a great start to his Philadelphia Phillies career. With how many he had in the World Baseball Classic, you knew he was going to hit one soon and now the floodgates are open. 

Speaking of hitting a first home run of the season this late in the season, Andrew Vaughn gave the White Sox a 2-1 lead with his first of the year. It was great to see him finally get one and now we can only hope they come in bunches.

Things ended up not going well for the Chicago White Sox on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, that would be the end of the offense for the White Sox. Mike Clevinger threw 44 pitches (which included the Phillies taking the lead) in the 3rd inning so the White Sox decided to turn to the bullpen which is never a good thing. 

They allowed two more runs and the White Sox were unable to come back so the final score was 5-2. They are now 7-12 with yet another series loss.  Things are really getting out of hand already in April. 

It is good to see certain guys play well but this team just hasn’t been able to put it all together for enough wins. They may or they may not but it is getting close to panic time. 

They will continue trying to win a series but it isn’t getting any easier this month. In fact, they are headed south for three against the 16-3 Tampa Bay Rays. If the White Sox don’t play to their strengths, they will have a really hard time. It begins on Friday with Michael Kopech on the mound. 

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