3 Chicago White Sox players to trade right now and 2 to extend

Chicago White Sox v Tampa Bay Rays
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The Chicago White Sox are a very bad baseball team and there are issues that need to be addressed right away.

The front office is long overdue for a cleaning but there are some player personnel decisions that need to be made as well.

One thing they need to think about is which players on the roster are worth keeping and which ones they need to trade for future assets.

You can make good arguments for a bunch of different players on one side of the aisle or another but moves have to be made very soon.

These are the three players that the Chicago White Sox should trade and two that they should extend:


1. Lucas Giolito

The Chicago White Sox should think about moving on from Lucas Giolito.

Lucas Giolito is in the final year of a contract and is looking for an extension. Well, the Chicago White Sox should explore trading him. He might be their best trade chip of all the guys worth trading right now.

Giolito is having a bounce back season after he wasn't very good in 2022. The good thing for him is that if 2023 goes well, that means 2022 was a one off bad year since his breakout 2019 season.

Teams looking to contend would love to add a starter like him. He has outstanding stuff when he is on and would fit in well in the middle of a lot of rotations.

Giolito is also a character guy that a lot of teams in the league could use at this point. He loves baseball and he loves to win while playing baseball. If the White Sox can get a good return for him, they should do it now.