3 Chicago White Sox players we were wrong about

Philadelphia Phillies v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox are not off to a good start in 2023. In fact, they are off to as bad of a start as you could imagine. The rebuild appears to be a failure and changes are certainly coming.

The management team/front office is obviously going to take most of the blame but some of the players deserve blame as well.

A few of the players have also proved people wrong in a positive way as well so it isn't all lousy. This is just a very strange team in every way.

Early in the year, there were players we were worried about and players that we were excited about. We were wrong about a lot of them but these three stick out the most:

1. Luis Robert Jr.

Luis Robert Jr. has been impressive over the last few weeks.

The Chicago White Sox saw Luis Robert Jr. look like he didn't care about playing at a high level a few weeks ago. He couldn't be bothered to run out a ground ball. It got him benched.

Since that benching, however, he has been one of the very best players in the entire league. A lot of people were down on him early in the year (because of his potential not being reached) but it appears as if we were wrong.

We are seeing that Robert is an elite player and is only getting better with each passing day. He is powerful and very capable of producing runs at a high level.

In addition to his bat improving, he is an elite defensive centerfielder which is very important for a baseball team. Hopefully, Robert continues to play well so that people won't be wrong about him actually being a good player now.